Front End Knock
18 Dec 07

posted by dean100yz - Benelliforum date unknown
Did quite a big ride today from southend to brighton (180miles there and back) and have finally come to the point where I gotta figure out what the problem is with the front end. I originally thought it was the headstock and so took the whole thing off, tightened and it was alot better but not cured. 2nd time round i did it a little too tight (only by a smidge) and although the steering as gone a bit funny its still knocking which makes me believe maybe it isen't just the headstock?
I'm loosening it off slightly tomorrow but before I put the bike on front and rear paddock stands and strip the whole thing I wouldn't mind knowing if anyone else has suffered/had this problem? It only does it when I go over uneven tarmac, pot holes etc etc. Im just worried that it might be something a little worse? I'm checking the front bearings, headstock and all the usual plastic bits that might have loosened but id rather have an idea before i spend the day doing this?
I've been a little naughty and run some 2nd and 3rd gear wheelies where I've dropped it softly but at 100mph+ and I think thats why the headstock came a little loose but I sh**ing it that I might have damaged something else. Before its said, this was happening before I mono wheeled the bike and I've never had a problem with any of my previous bikes italian or japanese.
Any insight to this would be much appreciated, either ways I will put a post and let you know if I find anything out of the ordinary tomorrow

posted by JohnnyO - Benelliforum date unknown
It's loose bolts to the front engine hanger bracket that runs from just under the headstem to the cyl head.... .. had the same problem once here, was scratching my head after rebuilding the headstem

The cause

The hanger bracket can't be tightened positively, because the bracket on the frame is not rigid.

The solution

Fabricate this brace, and slip it inside the frame bracket. The brace will prevent flexing, so the hanger won't loosen with use.